THE PUBLIC GOOD is a really small, passionate web development company based in South Africa. We don't like to be tied down, though. So we don't really have a home city. We work wherever we find ourselves. Currently, that's between Johannesburg in Gauteng, and Gqeberha in the Eastern Cape.

We like to build interesting, custom websites and applications and we're heavily invested in the Laravel PHP framework, VueJS, InertiaJS and a few other interesting tools. However, we've always believed that the tools don't make us who we are and we're always on the lookout for new things that make our jobs more satisfying.

We also like to write, so that's what this space is for. For a long time we published on Medium, and although Medium is a great... medium...... it lacks some fundamental tools to make technical or development writing easy. So we've consolidated our writing here. We'll still publish on Medium as individuals sometimes, but this is were we plan to share things we want to share.

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