Privacy is a big deal these days. There's a lot of talk, and money, and more talk and even more money around privacy on the internet. And on both sides of the fight, if you can believe it. It's crazy to think that there are people out there that really believe we own them everything because they gave us something for free once. And now, even if you're paying for stuff, somehow, our private data still belongs to them? Where the hell did we go so wrong?

Anyway, We're privacy fans and we like it when our own data is kept private and NOT shared with every marketing agency out there. So we don't do that to anyone else. Your data is your data. We don't ask for a lot, but when you don't want us to have it anymore, we delete it. For good. Our blog is purely because we like to talk about what we do. If you like to read it, then that's great! That's what it's for. you'll get an occastional newsletter if you're subscribed, but otherwise, the point is that we're not really supposed to know who you are.

You data is private while we have it. When it comes time for us not to have it we won't have it anymore. Done.

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